About Us
My name is Lori Lewis a professional pet stylist, committed to making your dog  feel SAFE and LOVED!!! As a result, 99% of my business is  repeat customers and referrals. I never make your pet feel forced to "behave" a certain way. I let them tell me what they like and dislike. The care of your pet is my primary concern, your pet should NEVER be afraid of their groomer! Your pet should NEVER come home with nicks and cuts, A GOOD groomer RARELY if  EVER cuts your pet!
My company is based on the belief that your pet deserves the same care and respect that they would receive at home.  My customers' instructions are listened to and followed. It is very important to me that you are happy with the way your pet looks. 
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry. I absolutely LOVE what I do!
Please be advised that I am picky, I only accept pets that are truly loved and cared for properly.
***Pets that have existing ticks or fleas will be refused until they have been treated. I have these rules out of respect for all my clients. It would be upsetting to have a dog go home after being exposed.  (Well care vet checks, basic home grooming are required)
(**all pictures are actual dogs I groom**)